Feature Request: Chat Plugin needs private chat/IM

The only thing keeping me from using the chat plugin is that it offers me no private chatting function. I've been using the Skysa bar for a long time, but I hate it because it slows down my site load. However, it's chatting features are good, we most often use it to interact privately with individual visitors.

Private chats or instant messaging is a mainstay of chat software. Having the ability to send an instant and private message to another online visitor is a great way to interact with them. This means doing more than being able to break off from a public chat room, but also the ability to circumvent it as well to send basically, say "hello, can I help you with something?" in a popup window of some kind.

I want to get rid of what I have and use something that is faster and not a third-party service (Skysa doesn't seem coded for speed, it nearly double the load time of my site all by itself). I want something that is hosted on my server and fed to the visitor through my accelerators. The chat plugin can do all that, but it needs some kind of instant private messaging feature.