Feature Request – Comments and Feed Images

First things first… Barry: Great job on the plug-in! It does exactly what it says. Works. :slight_smile:

3.1 things I’d love to see in the near future (in order of priority) would be:

1) (Globally or Per Feed) Comment settings – I’d like the ability to set comment permissions (even if only globally) for posts generated by the plug-in. Enabled, Disabled or Registered.

2) (Globally) Localization of feed images – Basically, it wold be great if feed images could be made to reside on the local server. This is one WP-o-Matic seems to have started on, but it doesn’t work so…

2B) (Globally or Per Feed) It would be even better if you could also include an option to set the newly localized image as the thumbnail for the post. If there are more than 1, just #1 as the featured image.

3) (Per Feed) Support for custom post types – Allowing us to set-up a template so we cold automatically include other relevant bits of data as needed.

Thanx you again for a great plug-in. I’m 100% sure this would be the #1 plug-in for this purpose with these 3.1 features. :slight_smile: