Feature request: Custom 'WPMU DEV Dashboard' modules

I have found myself setting up several new sites recently and the first plugin I install is the WPMU DEV Dashboard. Then I go to the plugin & themes installers there and install the plugins & themes I will need for the specific site. Then I go to the WP native plugin page and install a few of the other plugins I need from there. Then I install a few of my own plugins by uploading the zips or through FTP.

I'd like to be able to have these other ones integrated into the WPMU DEV Dashboard somehow. It would make my deployment process much easier.

Ideally this would be implemented through a page on my profile here at premium.wpmudev.org where I can enter the title, slug (for wordpress.org), class (plugin or theme) & url (for direct zip downloads) for the other plugins. On the front-end side, they'd be displayed as a new tab in the dashboard installer so I can selectively install them easily on my sites.

I know there are external alternatives (such as managewp.com), but I don't really want to have to go this route since some of the sites will be completely offloaded to the client after it's done. I do install the WPMU DEV Dashboard from my local cache, which makes it easier to install & activate. If someone knows of something else that'll do this easily that I can upload and then remove after I've got them setup, I'm open to suggestions.