Feature Request - Directory Plugin, Shared Listings for Multisite

I'd like to make a request for the Directory Plugin. I'd like to be able to share listings across a multisite network. Specifically, I'd like the ability for someone listings themselves to be able to pay to have their listing show up on multiple domains.

An example of this would be if someone created a listing at example.com and during the signup process they were given the opportunity to pay to have their listing show up at example2.com and exmaple3.com. This would be useful for thousands of online business models. It may be a pet store that wants to list their business at PetStores.com, FloridaPetStores.com, and AlligatorPetStores.com. (Assuming these are all owned by one person.)

This makes even more sense for people dividing content on subdomains. Example: Florida.PetStores.com and Alligator.PetStores.com.