Feature Request: Don't load Wiki CSS On Non-Wiki Pages

Right now the Wiki CSS file is loaded for every page on the site -- even non-wiki pages. That slows load times down unnecessarily.

I would think it should be fairly easy to change it so it only loads the CSS file on wiki pages. Can you please add this to your roadmap?


  • awilder
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Great - thanks!

    I forgot about the widget, since I haven't added that to my sidebar... Guess it would be good if there were four ways to deal with this:

    1 - Non-Wiki Pages without Widget - No stylesheet
    2 - Wiki pages without Widget - just loads only wiki stylesheet
    3 - Non-Wiki Pages with Widget - just loads only widget stylesheet
    4 - Wiki pages with Widget - loads a different stylesheet to combine both

    This way it's no more than one request for a stylesheet, or no stylesheet if not needed for that particular page.

    Then again, the extra processing to figure that out might not be worth it... :slight_smile:

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