Feature Request: Expand User Synchronization to Forum Platforms

Hi, I have a Wordpress multisite, which this plugin can work great for. But I also have SMF forums which are attached to my WP site. There are very few options to synchronize user accounts between these platforms, and it is essential that they are. Right now, I am using the following SMF mod to synchronize user accounts: http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=3008

This mod works okay for what it does, but it is not triggering sign up hooks for the eNewsletter and Membership plugins I use from WPMU DEV.

I would really like to see this plugin expand to cover syncronization options for WP sites with forum platforms like SMF (Simple Machines Forum), phpBB, myBB, and vBulletin. These are the top forum platforms out, and to have one WP plugin with the ability to link these forums with the main WP site would really be helpful to many folks that use robust forum software. I know it is essential for my site, and would love to see that capacity come from WPMU DEV!

Thanks for listening!

  • Alexander

    Hi @len_jaster,

    User synchronization relies on functions built into Wordpress, and is very Wordpress specific. Extending to support other platforms would for the most part constitute writing an entirely new plugin. It would also be quite difficult to maintain, as we'd need to follow the development of many other platforms. For a forum solution, we've always recommended bbPress, or our own forums plugin. Now, I understand these aren't as full featured as other popular forum platforms like phpBB, but they are already integrated with Wordpress.

    I took a look at the script you provided, and the reason it doesn't integrate so well is because they've created their own classes to manage Wordpress users, and they are creating new users directly in the database.

    From a development standpoint, a better solution would be for them to require the wp_load.php file to give them access to some core WP APIs. Then they could user the normal create user functions already present in Wordpress - this would also fire the appropriate hooks.

    This kind of project isn't really something we'd be looking to undertake, but there certainly are better ways to do the integration with custom development. It could also be that this script was originally created over 2 years ago.

    Best regards

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