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Up to now I have been using Pathwright. It has a few features that I sorely miss in Coursepresspro. One of them is that you can track a student's progression thru a course even if the student does not make homework etc. You can just see where he's been at.

I have a homestudy course where I really like to track student's progress, in case someone gets stuck. I will then contact the student - but most of the students I never meet. I haven't seen that feature - hope I did not miss it.



  • Kitty

    Hi Bojan,

    I am right now converting my large, intensive writing course from Pathwright to Coursepresspro. Not because Pathwright does not have great support and features, but because I want the freedom of my own layout etc. So the course is not active in Coursepress yet.

    But as far as I can find out right now, you can only track a student when he has submitted something. In my course we use a forum for discussion and homework. So that everything is organised the way I like it, with the text editors I like etc. So nobody enters anything in Coursepress. And I fear I will not be able to track progress if people don't make assignments. Is that correct?

    It does not matter for this particular course, because I can track progress right in the forum itself. But I also have a light, homestudy version where I track student's progress and only help if they get stuck. There is no forum and they do not post homework. If I can't track their progress I cannot move the course to Coursepress.

    Cheers, Kitty

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey again @Kitty,

    Yes that is correct, you can track students progress once he/she adds a response to the question. You can not track students and their progress without them actually submitting some answers in the units.

    In the student workbook as mentioned above you can see the answers regardless of answer being assessable or not, see screenshot.

    You can also use course discussion for students questions which will allow you to answer your student questions, to enable that please go to CoursePress Pro -> Course -> Step 5 - Classes, Discussion and Workbook and check "Allow Course Discussion ".

    As for student progress it can only bee seen by students on the front end and not by instructors. I guess maybe we could make a feature request for that? Adding progress somewhere in the site admin, possibly students tab so instructors can see progress for each student.

    Best regards,

  • Kitty

    Not possibly, you should. You have no idea how valuable it is to be able to see where someone leaves the course and does not come back. Because usually it is right at this moment that the learning gets harder, and students need a little help and encouragement.

    Also: it leads to the most valuable student/teacher engagement, hence to your most satisfied customers, your best testmonials and your best advocates. It's happened time and again to me and I have come to value that possibility very highly.

    I am serious: I am now not bringing over my students of the light writing course, because if I cannot monitor them the successrate of my course will drop.

    So I will have to keep paying for Pathwright as well - I had not counted on that.

    What teachers need is a way to silently monitor where students are. Without them having to fill out anything.

    Thanks, Kitty

  • powerofted

    I need exactly the same thing that Kitty has asked for. I need to be able to silently track progress. Our students are businesses and they do not turn in homework. It is all self-paced and self-study so I do not receive workbook assignments. However, many team leaders or HR departments often want to have an idea on a student or group's progress through the course and as of now I cannot offer that. This is CRITICAL.

  • Techtomic

    I agree, 100% a needed feature to give a progress history. Could be a percentage of units that have been viewed by the student.

    Later development could be triggers if a user hasn't made progress in a certain amount of time, to follow up with a notification to coach and/or student. This could be set at a course level, i.e. if no progress in 5 days notify the coach.

    This progress could be used to trigger awards too as the student moves through the course even when there are no assessments.

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