Feature Request for Affiliate Plugin

I just added the affiliates plugin and was disappointed when I enabled prosites at the options for earnings for an affiliate.

I have about 5 different levels for prosite upgrades and the affiliate options were:

1 month
3 month
12 months

So all I could do was enter a dollar amount that each affiliate would earn per month regardless of the level on prosites that they sold.

This is kind of lacking in acting like a real affiliate program.

It would be nice if instead I could setup a percentage based on sales volume or if choices were offered such as with the plugins and themes.

If there was a window for each level I could then enter a percentage amount based on knowing the dollar value of each level.

Say level 1 is only 10.00 a month.
I could enter 1% as the earnings percentage.

Say level 5 is 100.00 per month I could enter
10% as the earning percentage.

The way it is it is kind of useless.

Any thoughts?

Cheri Faline