Feature request for Anti-Splog

Spam Keyword Search Enter one word or phrase per line. Keywords are not case sensitive and may match any part of a word. Example: "Ugg" would match "suggestion".

CAUTION: Do not enter more than a few (2-4) keywords at a time or it may slow down or timeout the Suspected Blogs page depending on the number of site-wide posts and server speed.

This function call for manual operation to put a few word every time and check for sploggers. this can be very effort intensive if some one wants to check for few hundred words. This also make it mandatory to keep a list of words for checking somewhere else and then pick a few words at a time.

I suggest, this can be automated, if super-admin is allowed to build a list within anti splog and it just pick up a few words from that list at a time, working in background, completing the task and pick up next few words until whole process is completed.

Upon completion, an alert message can be displayed,so that a moderator can review the list of splogger.

Integration with content monitor : so that instead of flooding the mailbox with emails, they get listed in suspected splog and be monitored at a single place. Bad word list of content monitor can also serve the purpose of Spam Keyword Search being used in the anti splog.