Feature Request for complete Whitelabel System

I am trying to whitelabel plugins like Hummingbird, Smush etc but I cannot rename the plugins and neither am I able to hide or change the links which are shown on the plugins page like “By WPMU DEV | Visit plugin site”.

    • Qureshi
      • Flash Drive

      Hi Kasia,

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      If I have to do this then what is the purpose of the white label features? And why is WPMU DEV falsely advertising as THE WHITE LABEL AGENCY PARTNER? :slight_smile:

      Please forward this to James!



  • Rupok
    • Support Ninja

    Hi Qureshi,

    For releasing a plugin, this information has to be set in the plugin to release. Can you please provide the list of information you find which you want to be white-labeled, and can you please suggest us how you would like to white-label them? I mean, can you please suggest us which way will be convenient for you as replacing URL and Text with Ultimate Branding plugin is not convenient with you? I’ll forward this to our product designers and developer so they can take this into consideration for future releases.



    • Qureshi
      • Flash Drive

      Thanks for getting back Rupok.

      A better way to implement the White Label feature will be to have the following fields in the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin:

      1. Logo Replacement: Allow the user to replace all the logos of WPMU DEV with their own logo.

      2. URL Replacement: Allow the user to replace all the instances of WPMU DEV URL’s on the plugins page (By WPMU DEV | Visit plugin page)

      3. Remove “Docs” links from all the WPMU DEV plugins on the Plugins page. Also remove the “Documentation” buttons on the individual plugin pages.

      4. Rename the plugins: Allow the user to replace the names of all the WPMU DEV plugins. For example, I would like to rename Defender Pro as ‘QC Security’.

      And I believe after all these, WPMU DEV will be truly what it is marketing itself right now on this page. Right now, it’s false marketing!

      Best regards,


  • Avatar
    • The Bug Hunter

    +1 for white labeling streamlining. Although I see the wpmudev Brands as a strength into my credabilty as I want to offer websites with premium plugins. I mainly like to change the language to my local docs, helpdesk, … At this moment I find it a bit confusing that I can set up white labeling in the WPMUDEV dashboard and in many plugin settings settings. It would be great to set up the logo in 1 place, the links in 1 place, (espacially the footer dashboardlinks of the plugins seems to be devided into different locations before I can change them) …. so basicly manage them all in that same place. Not, change them in the defender settings, in the hummingbird settings,…

    I also love the Branda plugin, but I see Branda more as whitelabeling the WordPress environment. Replacing wp logo, wp dashboard feeds,…..customizing the WP experience.

    Whitelabeling WPMUDEV plugins could be good to keep it all in one place in the wpmudev dashboard.

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