Feature request for CoursePress Pro discussions

There are several features missing from the CoursePress pro discussion area that would make it much more useful. Right now, it's just a long list of "Questions"

1) Ability to format answers. Right now, they lump together in one big paragraph and users are not able to enter paragraph breaks or lists.

2) Ability for user to subscribe to discussion and be notified by email.

3) Ability to separate discussions by Unit, so that only the discussions related to a particular unit show up.

4) The ability for an administrator to sort the discussions (we don't always want the most recent question on top.

5) It would be really nice to be able to have class discussions and comments at the bottom of each unit page. That way, the discussion can be topical and pertinent to a particular lesson.

6) Instructions should be able to specify a "featured" discussion item or "sticky" item that would stay at the top of the list.

Thank you.