Feature request for courseware plugin: protected videos

Is there any way to ensure security of educational videos on the courseware plugin? I just want to ensure that it is impossible to download the videos. Where users are intuitive they might record the screen and sound. However, I don't see many users doing this. Thus, if downloads are impossible (or extremely complex or difficult) then I would be more comfortable in using the plugin.

Note that this technology could help you guys a lot with any other video plugins.

One option to follow is to encrypt videos on the server side with some sort of custom encryption. Then, once videos starts downloading and playing, a javascript video player unencrypts the same videos on demand. This player should be smart enough to unencrypt buffering videos. If this is not possible then it might be an option to break each video up into many sections, encrypt each section and allow the client browser to download section by section and then unencrypt each section. I know this seems like a lot of work - I'm really hoping it is possible.

Kind regards