Feature Request for Farms 133 Them pack

Their really needs to be a much easier way to handle the Farms 133 theme pack. in fact the perfect way would be to set it us exactly as you have the current themes displayed Both online and via the WPMU DEV dashboard. I personally this that this could be added as a sub page to display and allow all of the themes to be viewed, show which ones are installed, allow automatic updates just like the regular themes. There are several that I would never use personally but my clients may love them. And for me to have to install each and every one of them… Well that’s a lot of wasted space where you could post it once and then we’d have the convenience that we now do with the plugins, themes via the WPMU DEV Dashboard.

In addition this would end the questions of where are the rest of the themes, as well as promoting more people to use the WPMU DEV Dashboard, also would give the extra value and encourage members to remain members as this would be a great convenience.

Just my thoughts and opinions possible we could get this on the main page for a while and see how many plus 1s we can get here.

i don’t recall if it was @james or @mason who did the redesign of these forums and hope that this could be added easily and quickly as well.

In addition I’m going to be promoting a new/old portion of my business and am setting up an affiliate account here as I hope to be driving new members to join the forums here as well. This would be a definite bonus and encourage new members to join. I will say that I had searched this forum for themes and plugins for over a year before I joined. If the Farms 133 theme pack had been displayed that would have put me over the top and I would have joined right then. Being the creative visual person I am, I needed to see before I bought.

Let’s get some plus 1s here

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Hi dean! I think the farms 133 pak is offered as a free download. I am not sure, but i believe it is/was at one time.

    I plan on setting all of them up for display on one of my networks next month.

    So +1 for the staff doing it first. :slight_smile:

    And if they do not get the time i will do it and provide a link! :slight_smile:

    +1 Good to see you again Dean!

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Dean Kaus,

    Thank you for this great question and I am sorry to report that I do not have the authority to sticky this to the front due to it is not within the guidelines of what I can sticky.

    However, I will forward this to a higher authority asking @mason if this can indeed be done with this ticket.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya folks,

    I can see why this would be extremely handy to load individual themes per install etc.

    Unfortunately, to do this is going to be an extremely time-intensive task. I won’t go into all the steps here, but this would require us to change the way these are handled all the way from SVN, to projects pages and individual downloads with new headers for updates, to the pages and images created in the admin.

    It’s not terribly difficult, but would be time consuming and we’ve got few things right now that would currently out rank a request like this one.

    I have a local installation with the entire farms pack installed. This gives me the ability to quickly scroll through the themes, find the ones I want and then load them onto a network install or client’s site.

    Feel free to continue to chime in with +1s and other thoughts though. The more attention the thread gets the higher it’ll rise in terms of priority.


  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    HEllo @mason I appreciate your input and I do understand the amount of upfront work that it would do to do this. However from my point of view (which is directly related to my clients who many are not local here). So there isn’t a convenient way for me to show them all of the potential themes to choose from. In addition I believe that in the long run it will save your staff much time as well. Currently you have to upgrade the theme, then zip it, then upload it (I don’t recall if you add a version number to the filename) and then upload and replace the current file on your server.

    Now from our side let’s just say it takes an average of 20 minutes (and I’m being generous here) for us (your clients) to goto your site download the entire zip package, unpack it (taking up more space than needed on our hard drive) then search out the individual theme from 133 or more that needs updating. Then we have to either FTP the file to one of the many clients that the majority of the members have. or they can re-zip that theme and then upload it to the clients correct site, or if your multi site then you have to …. well everyone knows the steps involved from our end.

    So lets say that on average only 200 of your thousands of members actually use Farm Themes take that 200x20minutes and if my math is correct is about 200 man hours. Lets say that this happens 3 times a year and now that’s 600 man hours that we could have used to service our clients or work to get new ones.

    I know that there are a lot of pressing projects in the works… however reading through the forums and seeing the amount of people who are disappointed after paying their fees that they don’t see all of the themes. I know that I was one of them.

    So this in turn is losing WPMU DEV clients as well!

    i don’t want to ruffle any feathers here (especially since I hope @james will ad me as a staff member someday) but you need to support what you advertise, at the same time making it as easy as possible for people to see everything that is for sale.

    When I first joined (now everyone please don’t hate me for this comment) I felt ripped off. first I’m thinking WOW I have over 160 themes to choose from and all of the cool plugins! What a bonus. Then i felt much like when I was playing at a bar that didn’t have much business. They put up a wall so you couldn’t see the entire room when you walked in the door and had a really sexy lady collecting the cover charge. So as your deciding weather or not to pay the $10 you see sitting at the bar 3 or 4 really hot girls and a couple of regular joe’s (no pun intended @aecnu) with the girls flirting with them. So you pay the money walk in and disappointment sets in. Either the place is still empty or everyone in the place is uglier than you are. Bummer

    So back on subject. The first time I downloaded Farms Theme (after it took me a long time to realize that’s how WPMU DEV got to the 160+ themes) had to unzip all of the files, upload them (which my original hosting package didn’t like very well) and had to go through and check them out the hard way.

    In Conclusion, I really feel that this is a very Important request for several reasons.

    1) Your (WPMU DEV’s) new clients will get to see that everything you’ve advertised is for real, also they can see it up front and be impressed by the sheer amount of themes EASILY available)

    2) This will greatly help with customer retention as it was mentioned in an earlier comment that many of these themes are actually free, but WPMU DEV updates them to keep current. I’m assuming that only members have access to the updated versions that you provide.

    3) It will make it much easier and as I pointed out before that it will collectively save us, your clients hundreds if not thousands of hours per year.

    So I going to revoke my +1 here and add

    PLUS 200 (for what I think the many hours that will be saved)

    Thanks again in advance for reconsidering the importance of this request.

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er


    I have a local installation with the entire farms pack installed.

    Could you upload this for the public? If not i was considering installing all of them for people to see, but then how to let members know becomes a question.

    @dean Kaus

    i don’t want to ruffle any feathers here (especially since I hope @james will ad me as a staff member someday)

    You are relentless, lol I love it!

    I too am on board for this Dean, but i would like to see the things James talk about in the lifetime members chat, and the things mason talk about in that other chat too! Hopefully Mason can upload his local install or let us provide links so people can see what the themes look like until they can address this issue further.

    I think this is where i am suppose to leave now! :wink:

  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    @mtb1701 I agree that this will be a big task, no doubt. But as you said you have a local install, Not everyone has the space to do that especially when working on a laptop in the field. Here is my reasoning behind some of my thinking. I’m trying to get my clients more involved. So my goal is to set them up with hosting services and get them started. Then I’m going to give some basic classes (thanks to @camparoo) sell hosting service and then offer them a deal to join here as well. So I give them a couple of teaser themes. Promote the premium themes and plugins provided here. A couple of the guys I had already suggested this site to had joined for the month and the first complaint I got from each of them was, “where are all of the themes?” none of them continued to be members.

    @mason @james I think that there are enough members here if you give us parameters that is needed for the thumbnail screen shot or whatever we can do to help make this happen, we would be willing to help.

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    But as you said you have a local install

    Mason Has It, i do not! Yet!!! Once i get it up i will let you use it to show your clients if you like?

    I was about to install it on my server for members to see, because they do ask! But if Mason has a local install then he should be able to upload, unless it has things on there not related to WPMU Dev. Wither or not they would want to link to one of my site with all the themes is up to them, i have a few extra domain names i don’t use, but they would have to state what content they wanted on them. Wait!!!! @mason you would have to tell me what content you would want on them. lol

  • ebreuers
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    +1… Would be awesome to preview, download and update these themes from the dashboard itself.

    I totally understand @mason‘s point about it being very time consuming and I can empathize with that being bogged down with the final month of my course load, job hunting and launching a company.

    That being said, @dean Kaus mentioned that there would be plenty of members willing to help with this endeavour and I would definitely be one of them. It will be 2.5 weeks until I can help, but I would be glad to.

    +1 from me and maybe Child themes pre-built for each like in your other themes.

    Good call @DirectoryDude!

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Everyone,

    Due to that I can certainly see the big picture, I am definitely siding with Mason on this one.

    Even with Member help it will not be enough.

    Right this moment we have tickets on the front line that have not been responded to and tickets in the back that some are waiting for a second or more response for three weeks -> over three days old totaling around 510 tickets and things are getting worse.

    I am personally working 12 hours a day on WPMU Dev resolving tickets at the current rate of 60 tickets a day which is double the normal full time person puts out.

    Yes we keep bringing on new staff, the next one starts at the beginning of October, but you folks think, considering the facts I presented above, we should divert front line support staff to displaying/demoing the Farms themes?

    What about your ticket that has been waiting three weeks for an answer and I reply – well I am building a demo of a farm theme? You will be happy with that? Really?

    Want to really help? Start going through the hundreds of tickets and helping resolve those tickets. Not just respond – resolve.

    In my honest opinion, there has been enough diversion of personnel to other projects then resolving tickets and I have the numbers to back me up.

    Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er


    In my honest opinion, there has been enough diversion of personnel to other projects then resolving tickets and I have the numbers to back me up.

    Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

    That is called growing pains Joe! They pass with time and experience. I have full confidence in the WPMU Dev to handle the changes, and growth.

    So “BE of good Cheer” buddy!!! All is well!!!

    Want to really help? Start going through the hundreds of tickets and helping resolve those tickets. Not just respond – resolve.

    This does raise a question! Should members still try to help, after staff responds to thread??? Often time once Staff responds i try and shake the thread so i don’t confuse anyone. lol

    And in you famous words “Please advise” :slight_smile:

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