Feature request for Membership plugin - separate subscription pages

It would be great if the membership plugin had the ability to have separate subscription pages - one for each subscription offered. My client has five subscriptions. She advertises them on three different sales pages. Then users are directed to the /register page which contains all five subscriptions. The user has to parse through the page and really inspect which one they want to subscribe to.

It would also be great if signing up for a subscription could be embedded into any sales page using a shortcode.

  • Barry
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    Hi, the plugin already has these shortcodes in place.

    You can use the following on any page - you need to get the id of the subscription you want to use them on:

    [subscriptiontitle subscription=1]

    This pulls the title from the subscription details

    [subscriptiondetails subscription=1]

    This pulls the description from the subscription details

    [subscriptionprice subscription=1]

    This calculates the price information from the subscription details

    [subscriptionbutton subscription=1]

    This shows the sign up button for the subscription, you can set the text to be shown in the button by placing it between a start and end shortcode e.g.

    [subscriptionbutton subscription=1]Sign up Now[/subscriptionbutton]

    Note - in all of the above the 1 is the id of the subscription, change this to the id of the subscription you want.

  • dreamraven
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    this is great and could really help me with my issue as well.

    thanks barry!

    i did not see this option anywhere.

    would i still need a "register page" with all of the options or would it work to have these individual subscription shortcodes alone on the pages where they are needed?

  • Barry
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    You still need a registration page set, though you don't need to put it on menus or link to it at all, as the button shortcode sends the user to the user sign up page on it (it skips the initial page) unless you are using the pop up registration method - in which case the pop up shows on the page containing the shortcode.

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