Feature request for Pro Sites

I hope I'm right in here.

I think I have a great idea for the Pro Sites plugin.

I think it would be a great feature if you can select single plugins that will be activated by default in variouse membership levels. Actually you can only select a minimum membership level from which a premium plugin will be activated. So you can not setup a structure like "blog default", "blog pro", "shop default", "shop pro" etc. because all features that will be activated in the "blog pro" are also activated in the "shop default" membership.

So I think it would be a great feature to select single premium plugins that are only activated in some kind of membership levels. For example some kind of premium plugin that will be activated only in "blog pro" and "shop pro" but not in the "blog default" and "shop deault"...

If you change the membership order to "blog default", "shop default", "blog pro", "shop pro" the problem would be that the "blog pro" would also have the MarketPress active, but it should be only a blog and not a shop.

I think this could be realized easily by giving the ability to select the membership levels in which a single plugin will be active, maybe by a multi-select box. And in the database it can be stored in an array.

I hope you know what I mean...

Daniel Gudzik