Feature Request for Wiki - Protected Content

Maybe this can already be done. It would be great to be able to protect some content in the Wiki's and allow the rest to be edited. For example, we are wanting to use it to collaborate on teaching ideas for certain lessons. So we could set up the general lesson plan template using the headings and then only allow editing to be done under those headings. It would even be powerful to ensure the really good additions get protected.

Using shortcodes would be the easiest, that's why I am assumming there is probably a way already. Ideally, I would disable the advanced editing option and when they click on edit, the uneditable content is highlighted or something and can not be touched.

Any way to do this already?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    You can of course use the shortcodes with Membership to protect content but as soon as someone edits that page they'll be able to do what they want with those shortcodes....

    I can see what you want, though I'm not sure how you could go about doing that. I'll ask some of the other guys.


  • Mason
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    We do have plans to have a 'wiki' theme at some point and that'll make creating custom pages a bit easier.

    My suggestion would be to create custom meta boxes for the incsub_wiki post type, and then creating a wiki template (use incsub_wiki.php) to display the custom meta box and still have the editiable 'wiki' region.

    Here's a helpful tutorial on how to add custom meta boxes to custom post types. You should be able to do this from your theme's function.php file or using the get_template_part method:

    Hope that helps a bit. Thanks!

  • jcaynes
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    So, this is interesting. I want to create Wiki templates for plant data - something between seed packet information and the technical entries similar to Wikipedia for plants. Some of the seed packet and general plant data would have to be template subjects and the specific data would be added to the template. I checked the metabox information and it seems like I need to start at the ground level to figure out where that fits in with the Wikis. For a newbie php editor, where is a good place to start?



  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Jan,

    In it's current form, integrating the wiki plugin into a basic theme template is a rather big task. It's something you and Eric G. are both looking for and to that end we've already discussed ways of making this easier for you all.

    In a future version we're hoping to provide a do_wiki type of function that you can add to incsub_wiki.php and then customize all the other elements of the page (headers, menus, sidebars, custom fields, you name it) as much as ya like.

    Right now though, I'd actually recommend having a proper developer take care of this for you. You might even post up something on this on our job boards:

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

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