Feature Request: front-end currency conversion

I’m building a site on my marketpress network for an Australian seller who is also distributing his product in the US and the UK. To make it work, I’m having to build 3 different sites, each one supporting its own currency and a fourth one to serve as an international hub. All the sites are identical and separated through mapped subdomains. This is on a multisite network, so my main marketplace is going to have duplicates of his products from each distribution zone he has, which is going to be a problem.

I’m saying this because its a lot of work…

If MarketPress had some form of built in, front-end currency conversion, I would only have to build one site and users can have the currencies displayed for them locally though he could handle transactions in Australian dollars.

I researching ways to do this, I came across this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/localcurrency/

There is a demo of it here: http://www.jobsinchina.com/blog/the-cost-of-living-in-china/

And the detailed instructions can be found here: http://www.jobsinchina.com/resources/wordpress-plugin-localcurrency/

Right now, I’m thinking of of network activating this plugin and then hacking marketpress.php to have the <–LCSTART–> and <–LCEND–> html tags around any place where the price is displayed. (I haven’t looked, I don’t know if it will work, I’m just theorizing)

A better option would be to hack the plugin to overwrite the price instead of displaying the local price it in parentheses after the foreign price. This method would be better for the customers as they browse and should display the local currency prices. The fact that it caches exchange rates from Yahoo finance just seems like a really cool feature.

Could we get something like this coded into MP core? Or, should one of the fancy member coders around here build a plugin that extends off the concept of the Local Currency plugin?

I may not be the only user of MP who might find this useful, what do you all think?

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    I took through the code on the plugin, it uses javascript and php to work its magic.

    I’m wondering if this should just deployed as a streamlined plugin that hooks into marketpress.

    The theoretical way I’m seeing the logic work would be for it to check the site’s shipping destination countries that were established by the seller then if the visitor’s ip geolocation equals one of the shipping destinations, the plugin will overwrite the base price with the local converted currency price for the visitor. If the vistor’s ip geolocation doesn’t match one of the site’s shipping destination countries, then the plugin will simply display the base currency established by the site owner.

    To tighten it up even more, the currency selector that is displayed by default can be removed and setup as a widget to be displayed if the seller wants to. Using the above logic would mean that it really won’t be needed much since the site will display the correct currency and price to visitors based on their IP location automatically.

    When I say it may be better as a streamlined plugin, the plugin itself comes with its own dataset of currency codes. Marketpress already has a data file included with, so the currency definitions can just come from that instead and save some size on the plugin.

    For me, having it in MP core would be ideal, because in my use case, there is a lot of internationl selling going on – it may not be needed for other people (which would be an argument for it to come as a plugin)

    Maybe someone around here who is familiar with javascript and php can make a fork of the existing plugin and create something that works with MarketPress – I just worry about independent plugins not being kept up to date – if Aaron were to put this in core, at least I know that as a part of MP the feature would be kept up to date as WP advances.

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