Feature Request – Hide and Move Upfront regions

Greetings! I have had many different instances where these two features would come in handy. I’m hoping they can be added in future releases, and would love the support from our fellow members here at WPMU Dev!

1) Move and/or Relocate Regions and their Contents. It makes sense that you are able to move (and copy) different elements on a page. Although, I’ve found myself needing to re-position a region (either up or down) on a page with no options other than to recreate the region. I think this feature would benefit everyone here. Testers, Admins, Support Staff, etc. I would also enjoy the ability to “send” or duplicate/copy an entire region and it’s contents to another page without making it a global region (although this can still be accomplished with global regions).

2) Hiding Regions and their Contents. I would love the ability to hide a region temporarily as well. For an example, let’s say a new video was released for a product. I’d like to display this video as a feature on the homepage for a specific amount of time. The problem is I have a detailed region on the page that includes a slider etc. I don’t want to delete this region and have to recreate it later on, so that is where the “hide region” feature would come in. I could then temporarily hide that region and create the region for the featured video in it’s place.

Hope to see these, or something similar, being released in future updates. I’d like to give a shoutout to all of the developers and staff working on this project (Upfront) and bringing everyone this awesome platform to test and build with. All of your hard work is surely not unseen, we greatly appreciate all of you.

And to anyone who would also like to see these or similar features, feel free to +1 this thread via comments etc. so that the developers can see the need/interest in these features for future releases.

All Love!

Ciro Bey