Feature request - lite dashboard - with updates only.. And affiliate comissions to Members

There are wpmudev members who develop sites and want to turn over control to the web site owners... 
And the web site owners would not find it cost effective to purchase their own membership to wpmudev.
They do not necessarily need support, but they do need updates.

Wpmudev members certainly do not want to give the members access to the wpmudev dashboard... But they need a way to give the web site owners the ability to update plugins...

I am proposing 2 things that will not only service these customers but will also generate revenue for WPMUDEV and members.
1) a new type of membership
2) a lite dashboard 

First,establish a new type of membership, tied to a master account of the installing member.   This lite membership would be for upgrades only (as well as API access at an additional cost)

Give the Lite members their own dashboard that allows them to update their plugins.

The ANNUAL fees could work out somewhere near the one time purchase price for each plug in...
This is for updates only and no support.

The dashboard can have a button for support... Where the user is directed to contact the WPMUDEV member... Or if that member does not want to provide support, it can link to a page to sell them a full wpmudev membership.

The WPMUDEV member is paid as an affiliate on sales from any of the dashboards they install.

So here is how it works.
Member installs plug in for customer... 
Member installs his dashboard
Member also installs lite dashboard, where web site owner sees which plug ins they have and which need to be updated.
They can purchase the upgrade only membership from that screen.
Member gets a commission. For that purchase and continuing revenue generated under their master license...   
If web site owner clicks the support /help button on that screen, they are sent to the Members info..(unless member has set it to go straight to WPMUDEV sales page)

Note: if Member uninstalls their main WPMUDEV dashboard... The help button takes the web site owner to WPMUDEV sales page and the Member is no longer their Master license holder.

Everyone wins.
Web site owners get updates and can get support one way or another in the future...
WPMUDEV generates software update fees that they would not have gotten otherwise, Members get commissions on update fees, and can hand sites over with a clear conscious knowing that plugins will be updated, or at leadt there will be nags prompting web site owners to do so. 

It doesn't have to work exactly like this but the description above should show the concept and provide a springboard to something really cool.