Feature Request: Marketpress customized shipping method - Postcode base

I have it in my opencart store wherein a buyer's shipping fee is based on his postal code. Works like in the dashboard, the admin will assign a shipping fee per postal code and when a buyer checks out, his shipping fee will be based on his postal code. It will return a warning if the postal code is out of service area.

Postal Code - Delivery Fee
6300 - $5
6336 - $6
6337 - $7
6338 - $8

So if, the buyer's postal code is 6337, his shipping fee will be $7.

And by the way, it should support other currencies that Paypal supports too and much better if it can be used for multisites.

I hope WPMU Dev can customize this for me so that I can transfer my products from my opencart store to my wp marketpress store.

I hope to hear from you soon...

thanks in advance,