Feature request: MarketPress needs this for Global Shopping Cart


JigoShop did something great with that.

Would something like be way to solve the global shopping cart problem? (setting it up to send payments out to through the various sellers a shopper may be buying from? This may allow a global shopping cart that uses different payment gateways across a multisite installation – though it still needs to support chained payments!)

  • DavidM
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    Hi Saunt,

    At a cursory glance, the plugin essentially just embeds the order details, cart, etc. in the member’s profile area in BP, no? It doesn’t seem to actually allow for users to sell through BP.

    I’m not sure that would present a firm global cart solution as it would account for BP usage only, not regular WP or Multisite usage.

    I’ve pinged Aaron on this thread to have a look when he gets a moment as well.

    And that said, anyone else have thoughts on this?


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Not really what you want as Davis says, but we already have a global cart. And it uses PayPal parallel payments to send payments to up to 10 different store owners in one checkout/transaction! Unfortunately to do the same with chained has severe limitations which is why we havn’t implemented.

  • johnnymestizo
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    +1 to more marketpress buddypress integration

    If we could provide more ecommerce options that followed the user around it would give people a better shopping experience while they traverse our mu network.

    Global shopping cart

    Be able to buy and sell on any blog in the network

    Share product wish list with other Bp users

    Share product review

    Solution: on user signup, create a hidden automatically generated blog with a hash URL, option for pro site upgrade with domain mapping,

    In their BP profile they could enter their PayPal email which would insert it to their hidden blog data.

    When they add a product on any blog you could as to their pending product shopping cart in their BP profile.

    Is this a possible direction for marketpress 2.5 ?

    Or is jigoshop the answer for BP integration?



  • evenfell
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    + 1 for buddypress integration.

    I would add:

    – Possible to add a store tab to a buddypress group by admin, either a store from a blog or by adding a “shortcode” categories to let the admin show products only relevant for that group

    – If a user have signed up for a blog and using marketpress he could have the option to add my shop to my buddyrpress profile. So when another user clicks a users profile their shop is listed there

  • linkdev
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    I recently joined WPMUdev as a member and thought Marketpress would work with BuddyPress as there are several conflicting posts. Similar to JigoShop (not the technical, but the use case) I was looking for a product/shoppingcart integrated in buddypress for the digital downloads. A visitor to a profile page of our BuddyPress install could view that profile members shopping cart and purchase items unique to their profile (e.g. Tom likes PinkFloyd and has a few covers done a visitor can purchase and download, whereas Sally likes Madonna and has a few covers a visitor could purchase on her profile. Tom has his own network. Sally has her own network. The mainsite.com owner gets a % of the transactions,etc. etc.).

    How easily can this be setup using WPMUdev plugins that currently exist?

  • johnnymestizo
    • HummingBird

    At the moment there is not much buddypress profile integration with marketpress.

    Each user would have to list products on their own blog.

    On the main site, the only way to link those products to their profile is to manually link to it in their activity profile.

    The only person to get a share of a product if it is sold on their site is the network super admin.

    I think linking marketpress products to users on buddypress is a fantastic idea.

    See my previous post here and +1 it if you are keen for wpmudev to implement a possibly future upgrade.


    Hope that helps !


  • linkdev
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    Johnny, thank you for the quik reply.

    What about this in a more final form? http://tradr.com/groups/development/public/tradr-group-commerce/product-details/ but I cannot locate anywhere to download it but this is the idea so I suspect tags on the producs would work to show up for groups.

    The idea is to create something that is the same as this… http://getshopped.org/news/buddypress-wp-e-commerce/ which I just found and looks like it would do the trick to get things going.

    when reading about WPMUdev, I was under the impression BuddyPress and MarketPress were integrated. They do not seem to be and I am on the fence to ask for my membership back.

    Are there any other suggetions folks may have.

    What I need is:

    – buddypress setup (nothing fancy) to promote a social communiyt

    – profile/members digital products for sale if they so choose (can be pulled from a larger marketplace as part of the same domain, using WPmultisite I would think)

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