(Feature Request) New Plugin Allowing For More Options In Usernames

It would be great if WPMUDEV would create a plugin that allows for usernames to use capital letters, some special characters - etc.

I've been looking for a plugin that will do this and none work correctly. I'm not the only one looking either. There are posts scattered all over hoping to do the same thing.

(Side Note: Having this ability was also the very first thing asked about by a member after I opened my site.)

Thanks for any consideration and +1's =)

~ Corey

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Corey,

    I recall there being specific reasons why capitals and special characters weren't allowed in the usernames, but I can't recall the reason off the top of my head.

    However, users can change their Nickname in their profile page, and the Display name would adjust to that. With that, wherever their name is displayed on site, WordPress will use that Display name.

    Not sure if you already knew about that, but if not, would that work in your case?


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