Feature Request: Optimal MP3 Compression (and possibly more compressed media, other than images)

it's funny... i hadn't even thought about this until just now. I was uploading some mp3s for a client, then noticed that some of them weren't using optimal compression. (as in, a 5 min song was a 14mb+ file)

it's been a quick minute since I used audio compression for uploading mp3s. actually, it's been so long that i realized that i hadn't done it since I was a PC user (now on Mac). After searching for an ideal piece of software (for compression & meta tag info) and spending WAY too much time on that process... I realized, "wow, how awesome would it be if we could simply upload a full resolution mp3 file and Smush took care of the rest."

then, in afterthought, I was thinking, "WOW... if Smush really wanted to lead the pack in optimizing uploaded media assets, what a way to really separate them from the rest of the pack!"

and then... i felt the need to submit this post :wink:

unless i'm not seeing it on the roadmap... this is something that'd make Smush an ESSENTIAL media optimization tool!

community thoughts?

  • Nastia
    • Support Rock Star

    Hello splaquet

    Hope all is well!

    Indeed that would be nice if Smush could optimize audio files, and other media formats as well. Though I believe this will be way in far-far future. A lot of process power requires to compress an audio track, especially when the audio need to be compressed without losing quality.

    Thank you for your suggestion! If more members will vote in here with "+1", our devlopers might start researching for the ultimate algorithm to optimize audio files :slight_smile:


  • splaquet
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    yeah, i totally understand where you're coming from Nastia

    fortunately, at least with mp3 compression, the opensource software out there makes it a very simple process to compress at a few different default compression levels. in a linux environment, it actually only takes a simple command line to compress.

    obviously, the "optimal" compression would take some serious efforts, but basic functionality is fairly painless.

    funny, but i truly have no idea why i've never searched for this functionality before. i hadn't even ever thought about that action, until now.

    ...so, quick research, resulted this plugin, updated only 3 days ago :O

    W2E Image Optimizer and Resize Image – WordPress Image Compression

    i'll have to check it out!

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