Feature Request: Optimal MP3 Compression (and possibly more compressed media, other than images)

it's funny... i hadn't even thought about this until just now. I was uploading some mp3s for a client, then noticed that some of them weren't using optimal compression. (as in, a 5 min song was a 14mb+ file)

it's been a quick minute since I used audio compression for uploading mp3s. actually, it's been so long that i realized that i hadn't done it since I was a PC user (now on Mac). After searching for an ideal piece of software (for compression & meta tag info) and spending WAY too much time on that process... I realized, "wow, how awesome would it be if we could simply upload a full resolution mp3 file and Smush took care of the rest."

then, in afterthought, I was thinking, "WOW... if Smush really wanted to lead the pack in optimizing uploaded media assets, what a way to really separate them from the rest of the pack!"

and then... i felt the need to submit this post :wink:

unless i'm not seeing it on the roadmap... this is something that'd make Smush an ESSENTIAL media optimization tool!

community thoughts?