Feature Request: Option not to display a single product in the Global Marketplace

Here’s something I just thought of a use for. One of my sellers wants to consolidate numerous products of a single type on one nice landing page. I’m going to build her a tabbed page, on each tab, I’m going to use the shortcode for each of the products. The tabs themselves will load ajaxy and give a nice, smooth way for the visitor to browse through these products. Using the shortcode, I’ll be able to display all the product details, plus the handy “add to cart” button. After adding the product to their cart, customers will be able to ajax to the next product right there on the same page and do the same. Using that nice interface to browse the products.

Here is the issue, this method requires that the products each have their own separate listing. I thought about just having one product page with the product descriptions in each tab and then using the product variations to allow the customer to choose and add to the cart. I don’t like the variations method because it might require some scrolling and extra clicking. Using the shortcode in each tab to display the add to cart button is a cleaner and more intuitive interface but it requires an individual listing for each product.

The problem: Since my preferred method requires individual product listings of the same type, it means those products will show up in the main products for the subsite and in the global marketplace as individual products. This is a behavior I don’t want in this scenario. The feature request would be a new setting for each product (checkbox?) that could be selected to not display the that individual product in global listings.

In my use case, I could create the ten individual products that I need, hide them from global listings, and then create one more additional product which will display in the Marketplace and can be 301 redirected to the specially-designed landing page. I can certainly imagine other use cases where sellers may not want an individual product to show up in Global marketplaces (adult products, single products that don’t fit into the niche of the network while others in that store do, and so on). I think I may not be the only one for whom this kind of fine-grained control would be useful.

Thoughts on this?