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I want to assign a hidden admin level, to mu blogs that I create, that will have access to everything.

Currently, I can create a Ultimate Level, which costs $1000000 per month. I want to hide that, as they are for the network admin to create special mu sites.

Any help on what I'm doing wrong? or is this a genuine feature request?



  • Mason
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    I would think just providing those folks with a super admin role or even a custom role would do the trick, but perhaps there are other reason for having a Pro Sites level that isn't public?

    I'll mark that as a feature request and see what the developer has to say.


  • johnnymestizo
    • HummingBird


    I have ran into the same problem again.

    I have a theme that I want no-one else to see on the network. I want to be able to activate only on certain sites.

    - If I 'Network Activate' the theme it shows up in all sites under the themes settings page in the back end when any user is logged in.

    - If I 'Network Disable' the theme, it then shows up in the network settings of Pro Sites, under the Premium Themes page.

    - If I select 'Level 1' (my only level other than nothing - aka Free), the theme is then available when people purchase this level 1, under the Premium Themes page in their backend of their site.

    - If I select 'Free' level then all the people that have upgraded to 'Level 1' can install it.

    So now there is no way for me to activate this theme on certain sites as superadmin, without other people being able to see and activate this theme.

    Which is why a hidden admin level is needed that no-one can ever upgrade to, that will restrict people from using certain plugins and themes.

    Please let me know if this makes sense!? :stuck_out_tongue:



  • johnnymestizo
    • HummingBird

    - If I select 'Free' level then all the people that have upgraded to 'Level 1' can install it.

    UH HUH !

    This is not a free level. When you go to Premium Themes under Pro Sites settings, it gives you the option of selecting Level 1 or NONE.

    When you select none, and Network Disabled, this hides the theme from everyone, except the Super Admin.


    Thanks for at least letting me vent, lay it all out on paper, and get this sorted.

    Hopefully, this will help people in the future with a similiar issue.

    PS: Do I get rep points for helping myself? :slight_smile:



  • wp.network
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    Thanks @johnnymestizo for the solution sharing :slight_smile:

    I can see @Kyle's use case description as being potentially applicable to my projects as well. Using the ProSites apparatus to manage exclusive service packages which are not generally shown as signup options; perhaps one could craft the package (or retitle an existing 'custom' package) and supply a 'special' URL to an existing customer where they could then see a price breakdown/comparison for the custom package and signup.

    I see this as having potential to help develop one's best customers by crafting tailored plans just for them and their specific needs & goals.

    I've got a +1 for this generally; though personally, not so much for the hidden admin aspect :slight_smile:


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