Feature Request: Q&A Plugin: Embed the Q&A area via shortcode

I mentioned this in passing in another thread, but I want to start a new thread to encourage folks to support this idea.

Being able to embed the Q&A forum area into a standard WP page via shortcode would make this plugin a lot more user friendly. Some themes allow for some functions that right now have to be hacked in - not the best method for those of us who don't quite understand how to do that.

In my case, my theme allows me to create any number of sidebars, and then add them to any page I want. It also allows me better control of SEO since I can then edit the page's SEO setting since I'm using Yoast's SEO plugin.

I'm also wondering if, by embedding via shortcode, there would be less trouble with the 404 errors that seem to plague some installations of this plugin (I know I haven't gotten them all worked out yet). Would shortcode embedding streamline this?

As it stands, the Questions page doesn't show up in my Pages list in my dashboard. While I know there is a side of WP that is meant to be hackable fun, I think setting this up as a shortcode embeddable item would make the Q&A plugin seem much more like a well-polished, premium plugin.

As it stands now, non-members have to pay $39 for the plugin may still have to spend quite a bit of time hacking to get to work (I've been trying to get it setup since the day it was released, and I'm not done yet). I know it is early days for it still, but this is something that should be considered for the future roadmap for this plugin