Feature request: streamlined installation of themes/ plugins

Hi all,

Spoiled with Installatron (Direct Admin) I really thought that subscribing to WPMU Dev would include a system of easy installation of your plugins.

It must be fairly easy to validate paying users and allow them to install themes and plugins with one click. I think it would be a great feature for new subscribers. "We install EVERY plug in for you"

Perhaps you can help me out how to make my life easier on a Mac. If I download plugins, Lion unzips the .zip file by default. So my steps to install a plugin are elaborate:

1. Open browser
2. Go to WPMU dev, enter user and pass
3. Find plugin
4. Download plugin
5. Compress plugin in ZIP file
6. Open admin of WP (or open client for FTP)
7. Upload plugin

Any tips to do this faster?