Feature Request: Support System Plugin

Hello all,
I have some more features that would be cool to see in the support system plugin.
1. The front end ticket system area where tickets are displayed, should have a message that says there are no tickets for this account or something like that when there are no tickets to show.
2. You should be able to open a ticket without a WordPress account for certain categories such as sales or website feedback.
3. Might want to include the current open tickets on top, while the closed tickets remain on the bottom. Don't know if this is happening right now, just recommending it.
4. Should include a function to reply by email and that reply will be appended to that ticket. Useful if client is in a hurry and just wants to update the ticket without having to go back and sign in.
5. Should be able to delete or remove the General category. It does not fit in to anything on my site, I don't need it.
6. If you allow guest tickets, please include option to integrate with Google ReCapcha so spam does not come through.