Feature request: Using shortlinks to original source

Autoblog plugin, plain love it.

A feature that some people may appreciate (I count me in) would be the opportunity to decide, on a per feed basis, whether we want to link to the original source using the original link or else using a bit.ly shortlink (or some other service, but bit.ly and its API have been used in similar projects such as FeedGator in Joomla with the same purpose: masquerading the link the feed comes from)

I know that it goes against SEO best practices (that is, submitting a sitemap with links to different domains is always better than tens or hundreds of links to the same domain) but in some situations you may want not to disclose in your source where you’re getting the information from.

Since we are on topic, some options on how to manage this would be wonderful, such as where to open the link (self, _blank, named…:wink: