Feature request: WPMU DEV Dashboard filters

I love being able to install the WPMU DEV Dashboard and then install each of the plugins that a site needs directly from it. I was “that guy” that really didn’t think I’d ever use it and panned the entire idea when it was first released. I’m thrilled to say I was wrong.

But I need more from it. It should have a pre-set filter that determines whether you’re running a network and does not display those items to you that require multisite unless you toggle a checkbox or something.

A “list” view would be nice, too, preferably if sortable.

On that list view, it should provide the ability for me to tag a plugin/theme so I can have it sorted preferentially later on. Ideally this would be some form of communication with the wpmudev site so I can flag those plugins I use on all the sites I deploy so I can more quickly get a site going.