Feature Request(s)

Just a few features that I think would really help this template out

1. Create a way in the admin section to adjust the font sizes. Several fonts are great, but are so small that they are hard to read for older people. Only a manual CSS over-ride will fix this. That messes with any future font changes since the font sizes are not uniform.

2. Add more Google fonts. They are way better then generic browser fonts IMHO

3. Add previews to the Google fonts, or at least a link to a screenshot of the fonts included. It would be nice to see what the font looks like without having to navigate back and forth between the admin panel and the area that is being changed.

4. Add more CSS style rules that further separate the various areas of text/links via the admin panel & allow for more customization.

5. Add info type pop-ups to each admin changeable style to show an image of the exact areas that will be changed with the selected values. The descriptions given can be rather vague for someone unfamiliar with the theme. (e.g. me) :wink:

I love this theme & I hope it continues to be improved. =)

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    Thank you for your suggestions. We always like to hear how users would like themes to improve.

    A few comments though from your suggestions.

    1. CSS actually should be where this adjustment is done not theme options. This is because a number of other factors should be considered. Different fonts may require different line heights / spacing and other formatting. To globally offer sizes without the ability to then change all padding (which would be a nightmare of endless theme options) - simply wouldn't work well.

    It's such a personal thing to have font sizes that's another reason why we leave it to the CSS. What you may think is small another may not and so on. We as a result offer this only through child themes and probably this will remain the case.

    2. You can always use more CSS fonts in child themes. Infact we encourage the use of child themes and CSS over theme options. Why? You simply get more control and customisation. We also offer ways to educate members on this. If you want to find out more simply ask. Adding more fonts means the points raised in my first point have to be considered like padding and so on.

    At some point we may add more but rather than just adding a line of code each font has to be tested for how it looks and fits into the theme. We want to be sure we can get this right and not just include things without testing.

    3. Previews should be done through the google website rather than in the theme. To preview each would be a huge list of screenshots that really wouldn't help the theme.

    http://www.google.com/webfonts#ChoosePlace:select is where you can find the google web directory to see fonts.

    4. Again this would be something we'd have in the child theme and leave to a users customised CSS. We encourage customisation and are happy to offer help in forum posts where we can on this.

    5. We are reviewing how our theme options are done. However, popups adds another script which causes issues with plugins potentially. We're actually about reducing plugin conflict not adding more and more scripting. We could however consider better documentation to resolve this. Again we're happy where we can to help with this and answering queries of this nature in the forum.

    We would like to encourage you to explore child themes and we're happy to help where we can to get some of your customisation in that child theme. It's the recommended method to get the site exactly as you wish.

  • NetPotion
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I guess these suggestions were based on the fact that this theme leans more towards easy admin customization vs the child theme approach - which is actually what I use. I've run into numerous problems trying to customize this theme via css because I cannot find the rules that are being applied in the CSS files.

    I guess a good question at this point would be.... where are the styles being handled by the theme located? There are a number of rules that Firebug doesn't show any path to at all. (e.g. 'styles.css')

    Thank you very much for your response Tammie. I do understand your point of view on this.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    I'm happy to help where I can with any issues you have relating to the CSS. You shouldn't have any issues that can't be overcome using the child theme.

    As for where the styles are handled it depends. Are you using a custom colour scheme or the default one? These load before the child theme so in theory if you use a child theme and the functions.php uncommented in the child theme those styles would override any you have before.

    Perhaps if you have an example of an issue we can deal with that as a use case?

  • NetPotion
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks Tammie. The issues I described were from another install that I've since decided to abandon, but I will certainly keep what you have said in mind and ask you if I run into troubles again. I've started over now so I do anticipate it happening again.

    I really appreciate the quick & thorough responses.



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