Feature Requests and issues


Directory plugin is a great idea but I miss following features:

- On "Count of category" and "Count of sub-category" should be an option to display all categories by entering e.g -1 or leave the fields blank.
- If someone doesn't have subcategories then on the homepage on the category boxes the listings should be displayed instead of to display empty boxes.
- We should have an option to display category descriptions on the index page and on the category view.
- There should be an option to set if user is allowed to attach his listing to one or several categories.If only a single category is allowed then on the add listing page a Drop down box should be displayed instead of checkboxes.
- Add Listing page: the categories should be displayed hierarchically (Main Category -> Sub Category) and not like on the attached image.
- Add Listing page: WYSIWYG editor for the content
- Add Listing page: Option to upload an image (post featured image)
- Add Listing page: Listing tags are missing
- We should have an option to set if user listings have to be reviewed by an admin before they go online.
- There should be an option to block access to wordpress dashboard for non admins. User should only operate from the frontend.
- On the frontend users should have a profile page with their listings and settings.

When a user (not admin) clicks on "Listings" heading on wordpress dashboard then he will get an error: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

What do you think about my suggestions?