Feature Requests for CoursePress Pro

A few things that we've run into when using CoursePress Pro and would like to have implemented are:

1. Categories and tags. I know this has already been requested and I whole-heartedly second this nomination. Is there currently a estimated time frame of when this might be implemented?

2. On the Current CoursePress Theme that is bundled with the plugin, if there is no Featured Video in the Course Description, then it shows an empty box on the Course Page. See Screenshot below.

3. We would like to have paid courses, but as a company standard have another means for taking payments. Would it be possible to have Courses marked as Paid Courses, but not have the MarketPress plugin installed?

This plugin is very promising and helped us replace quite a few plugins that we were trying to use to get this same functionality. These remaining concerns/feature requests will make this the complete package for us.