Feature requests for Ultimate Branding

First, I've got to say I used it on my dev site to replace another plugin I'd purchased on CodeCanyon. It works extremely well and is a plugin you guys should be super proud of. But I thought of some features that would be nice or really nice to have as I was setting everything up. Here they are:

Really want badly
-Change the link of the login image (main biz site is separate from the client multisite and I want my logo to link to my main biz site).
-Links in the Admin bar can be set to target="_blank" to open in a new tab/window.
-Export & Import Settings.
-Remove left-side menu items from various user levels. Eg. Remove all of "Appearance", or just remove "Settings>Reading" in a similar way to how you can currently remove the Permalinks item.

Might be nice
-Easier customization of the login page, with fields to change items like the background color, add a background image, make the shadow on the login box heavier, etc.
-Remove sub-menu items from the Admin bar. Like the silly and redundant "Visit Site" link.
-Easy insert links to WPMUdev videos into Admin Help Content.
-Create Dashboard widgets.
-Set default Dashboard view (widget layout).

Seems like there was more, but that's a good start. Right now, it's less-featured, but much easier to use than White Label Branding. But if you added the above features, and still maintained it's current usability, you'd be ahead of those guys. They don't have a way to replace the WordPress menu in the Admin bar. All you can do is hide it.

I'll be switching to Ultimate Branding, but still hoping for some of the above features, so that it really is "Ultimate."