Feature requests for ultimate branding plugin

Hi. I have seen the other feature requests posted by fellow users and I agree with them.

I have been using a bunch of plugins to get the white labeling the way I want it for my site. I will list them below and give a brief summary of what I like about it and what is missing.Hopefully this can stir up some ideas that can then be integrated into Ultimate Branding so that I will only need 1 plugin.

1. YITH Custom Login -like how I can customize the login page (logo and background). Would like the added ability to also style the login form and resize form fields, change opacity of form container, change display of the fields (display fields horizontal and labels inside form fields), hide options like forgot password, remember me, back to blog.

2. SF Move Login – like the options available for not only login, but registration, change password pages.

3. Captcha on Login – adds a captcha, but I cannot resize image or text or field styling.

4. Admin Branding – add a logo above admin menu. ability to show changes for admin so I can see what other roles will see. Their login screen menu has lots of the features that are missing in number 1 above, but can’t get the background image to style the way it does with number 1 above. Can change name of dashboard.

5. White Label CMS – like how I can add dashboard panels, and the branding section is more user friendly compared to Ultimate Branding. Can hide menu items but it does not allow detailed management of sub menus or assigning what roles can see what menus. It also does not cater for third party plugins that create menu items, or re-ordering of menu items. I like how settings can be exported for use on other client sites.

Ultimate Branding has a lot of the features of the plugins above, but the user friendliness can be improved or tweaked a bit and the missing ones can be added.

One more request: integration with white label videos. maybe if it detects the plugin, create a dashboard panel for it,or allow me to choose what videos get shown for what role, especially if I will alter the menu options. So if I only allow an editor to add and modify pages, then I just want those videos visible on their dashboard.

Sorry for the long post, just trying to capture my ideas, I may have missed some. Anyways I enjoy using the plugins from wpmudev and membership is worth every penny.