Feature Requests – Or do they exist?

Hello again,

I have been searching and asking and trying but no results on these as of yet so assuming they do not already exist I have a few feature requests for things that I can’t believe don’t already exist in this plugin as they are fairly obvious things a listings plugin should have I think (judging by other threads requesting same things, I am not alone).

1. Featured Listings / Different levels of listing.

It should be possible to sell 2 or more different levels of listing (basic, premium etc..) where premium would be featured and appear more prominently via shortcode maybe (eg. on the home page)

2. Ability to upload multiple images to the listings (not using the main add media within the main content editor). Should be able to add images through a separate custom field for more flexibility.

3. Have WYSIWYG, file upload, numbers, email/url with validation options in custom press for new custom fields.

I’m paying for the directory plugin and have been for a good few months trying to figure it out but to be honest I can’t launch the site yet until I’ve worked out some sort of way to hack/achieve at least the featured listings part.

One more request actually would be this plugin is desperately lacking in documentation. The usage page says very very little about customising the plugin for use in a real world situation. Out of the box is of little use to anyone I would imagine.

It’s close to being a great plugin, I just hope you push it all the way soon! Please!