feature suggestion for marketpress

I know I am supposed to post this via your new uservoice service but I am getting errors when trying to do so. I tried logging in with FB and Google and with both accounts I am getting the following error:


So, here is my request:

I would really like to have the option for logged in users of my store to create a wish list from the products of my store(even nicer though if it could contain products from all stores if installed in multisite) and let people see it, so they can buy me stuff from my wish list :slight_smile:

And if stuff has been purchased from the wish list, maybe you can create a cross-reference so that when buying, you can specify that it is a gift and mark it read on the wish list?

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    thanks for moving it.

    here are a couple of more thoughts:

    – I’d like to be able to create several wish lists and decide to make them public or not.

    – the ones I make public, should have the option of sharing it, i.e. via FB,G+, etc.

    – when someone is visiting my wishlist and then clicks on buy, he should have the option of marking the item as bought on the original wish list if he selects the option: “buy as a gift” while notifying the wish list owner so he can delete it from his wish list or mark it as not bought if he has not received the item :slight_smile:

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