feature suggestion for Popup for more functionality for list building

when you select the and activate the condition to pop up on a specific url a list of pages will load and allow you to select the url to activate the condition for

also adding a feature to allow to past an autoresponder form and place it on the page see example on this page on the bottom

also being able to center the call to action button to match centered text of the pop up

I look forward to seeing these added to the pop up

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Steve!

    We can already do the second and third option!

    For the second one, you'll just need a contact form plugin that comes with shortcodes you can use to place the form anywhere. I know Contact Form 7 has this, as does Gravity Forms. I'm pretty sure Ninja Forms does, as well.

    For the third one, a little custom CSS can nudge the button where you'd like it to go.

    For your first suggestion, while I see the convenience, I also see what a resource hog it could be to have the auto-fill find and list all the active URLs on your site. The bigger your site, the longer that query is going to take, and it has the potential to reallllly slow things down.

    Hope this helps!

  • steve Pershall

    @Michelle Shull

    would it not make more sense to have the ability to ad a autoresponder form code from within your own plugin rather than having to install one more plugin?

    having to add custom css to center the call to action button would require the average person to dig through the code and fine the proper css after install a
    custom css plugin to allow them to do this and for the average user that is to complex of a task

  • aristath

    Hello again @steve Pershall,

    This plugin handles popups, nothing more than that.
    Adding listbuilding functionality though it's something that many people use, is beyond the scope of this plugin.
    Everyone wants to implement these differently, so you are free to choose whatever you want from other plugins.
    As for the CSS, not everyone wants it centered.
    If anyone wants it centered though and they can't do it themselves, they are free to ask a question here and we'll be more than happy to help them figure it out.


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