Feature Suggestion: User Access to Manage Orders in Marketpress

Alright, I think a main feature that should be included in the core marketpress plugin or at least offer an add-on that comes with the plugin to activate.. is having the ability to assign a user, not a rank, but a user or users to be able to “Manage Orders” in the Products dashboard menu.

I am in the process of building stores for clients, and I assume that many people who build stores for other companies are hired or outsourced, and you don’t want owners of these businesses going in and having access to things. Personally I don’t want to have to sit there all day and change customer orders to “Shipped” and access their FedEx info for tracking. I want the company to do that not me. But to give them access now they have access to my backend, the ability to add/edit products, which is essentially what I get paid for. As soon as they figure out they can add it themselves I am out a job. Then I can’t pay for WPMUDEV anymore. Bad vicious cycle.

So I would strongly suggest that this feature be kind of a given for the plugin. I have done a lot of googling and searching on this topic and I noticed a lot of other people asking. I do love the plugin as it is. Great and powerful, especially if I were to run my own store. But i have clients and it almost renders the whole cart useless. I know that seems like strong words but i have sat up the last few night wondering if I should seek out a new cart option. And then I feel silly to think why change everything over for just one small permissions issue. I tried all the other plugins and mixed and matched to try and edit the dashboard and it’s not something I think I can choose to use since i am trying to exude some level of professionalism with my clients.

This post in no way is meant to be harsh, and I am not angry in any way, but I feel this feature may have been overlooked as truly a “prime” feature separating it from other carts out there. Just my 2 cents. And I am not completely oblivious to web developing, although I have a lot more to learn, but I think developing a separate control area just for a person to access to Manage Orders wouldn’t be that difficult to achieve.

Thanks and I hope maybe the author will decide to add something like this in the near future since i have a bunch of other clients lined up to develop online stores. :slight_smile: