feature, we would like to see who signs up through which link

Is it possible , like soon, to be able to associate a sign up or paid member to what ever link they clicked on, It seems that you just get to see that someone needs paying but not where that payment came from?

So this is sort of a feat rue request and a question.

If this is not the case, because I am blind, please let me know :slight_smile:

If this is not possible is there something out there that is more in depth that integrates with out a big hassle ion Pro sites and membership?



  • Paul


    I actually started on something like this earlier this week. There is a similar request for tracking orders. Or to be more specific to show the order details. You can see the responses via this other thread https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/can-i-track-order-from-specific-affiliates-with-marketpress-and-affiliates-plugin#post-560125

    But yes this would eventually include signups and link clicking. Really for the links it would be what URL were they coming from (referrer) and what URL did the arrive to on the site. The entry point. Plus the user's IP address would be helpful I think.

    So the thought is from the user's affiliate screen you would be able to click on the period in the first column and the screen would reload showing the individual 'transactions' that make up that period detail for that specific user.

    Follow? Sound like what you are asking? If not let us know.

  • John Taylor

    Hi Paul , thanks for the reply,

    This sounds cool,

    so say, we have some one sign up (membership)

    This makes them a member and then they can access our affiliate system (tried it, works)

    this is without going to the next step and signing up for a site (pro sites)

    they only have their dashboard, what I would like this member to see is who was the sign up, and payment, not just, there is a payment.

    scenario two, same as first however this person goes ahead and takes a site and of course all those folks are now in buddy press.. this means that know which site and user has been referred by them and vice versa.

    It makes for more help between paying affiliates and referrers. not a binary system, we just want recurring payments as we have a 50% Rev share on our site, (with your affiliate plugin)

    we don't want to go all pyramid but would like to teach people to look after their referrals and treat them as customers.

    right now, they are not communicating as they don't know who has sing up via their affiliate link.

    I know we can click on referred and see who they were referred by but they can't

    hopefully this is not to unclear :slight_smile:

    Thanks for gutting back to me so quick


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