Featured image breaking up?


I've tried numerous times to upload the featured image in different sizes and it's still showing up as broken :disappointed: (http://reyesadvisors.com/) Is there a way to specifiy the width/height even if its through code?

  • idevguy
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    The image sizes are set in the functions.php file for the theme (or an include file listed in the functions.php file) BUT the thing you have to remember is that when it crops the image to the sizes specified it won't enlarge it above the size you upload so you will need to ensure that the image you upload is at least as wide as the widest image needs to be as well as making sure it is at least as tall as the tallest image needs to be.

    The other alternative would be to code in height and width to the template file that is displaying them but the previous solution would be recommended over this way.

  • idevguy
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    bit more info:

    the large image on your page needs to be at least 250px by 250px (the one on there now is 400px by 222px)

    the lower images on your page need to be at least 288px by 80px (the ones on there now are 282px by 97px)

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