Featured image issue - one last try before giving up

i've discussed this issue here a few weeks ago and the problem is still not fixed. I'm not sure there's a problem with the plugin but i'll give it another try, hoping someone will have a clue about how to solve this:
I installed Autoblog (latest version) on my WPMU website
The images from the RSS are not showing nor attached to the aggregated posts (the feed includes images - i checked, and the option in the addons is activated)
Tried using the first image of the post (rather than the featured one) of a feed - still no luck
Tried oter feeds from another website i have - everything worked fine and the images showed.
Installed the plugin in another WPMU website i have - tried those feeds which didn't work before - and everything was working fine.

The plugin is OK (as i tried other feeds and they worked). The feeds are OK (as i tried them on another website and they worked). It's just this specific website which won't aggregate it's own network posts' images. I really am giving up, have no clue where the problem lies. I tried deleting the plugin and deleting ANY trails from the database. None worked. Would appreciate ANY direction.
Thank you-
The problematic website is: http://www.psagotmerkaz.org