Featured Image link to post (content type) in Builder

Hi, I am struggling to find something which I suppose is very, very obvious but I just cannot find it:

I add Post draggable-objects to my region where I set to display "Post List" and then I do some editing to end up with a featured image on which I expect Builder to automatically link to the post (content type actually, as I'm not using posts but custom content types but when I add the Post draggable object, I can set it to work with that content type, so I imagine it is the same) or give me a way to select what the featured image can do. I expect the "..." icon next to the padding and settings buttons on the top of the draggable element but I only the the padding and settings, no "..."
Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? How have I hidden/disabled this? Or is this not possible to access for Post? If so, how do you manage featured image link?

On the side, is there a way from the Builder to access the theme page templates (html)?