Featured image url structure broken

Good Morning,

Last night, instead of risking a ton of database changes and errors, I used the Domain Mapping plugin to change the main url of a WordPress network site. The site is set up as a network, but no other sites are currently hosted off it (yet).

Before applying the plugin and mapping the domain, everything was working correctly. After application of the plugin, the featured image path was displaying as {domain}/files/2012/02/{file}. Before putting the plugin in place, the featured url path was {domain}/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/{file}. Now, I can say, the only place this is broken is when using Featured Images to place content on the homepage and homepage rotator. The assigned media url is correct, and when an image is placed in a post, the image is loading correclty.

When trying to load the image directly into the browser using {domain}/files/2012/02/{file} (using ‘files/’ as the path instead of ‘wp-content/uploads’:wink:, the file fails to load in the browser. I know the files aren’t there.

Now, as a short term fix, I tried to copy the images over to a folder structure of ‘www/files’ on the server, and that still didn’t take.

I’ve used this plugin to do the same thing in the past, but not on a 3.0 network install. I’m happy that the plugin made the cutover so easy, now I just need to resolve the image path.

I would appreciate any help anyone can provide.