Featured Images… they drive us nuts! Help needed…

Hi there,

sorry if we have chosen wrong ‘installed product’ in subject line… but we would not know which one we should take for the following issue we have.

We always need in our Post’s Featured image… but what we do not like that these featured images are displayed on POST’s as Header images as well. In all cases not only a space waster the post itself looks most ugly.

We tried out many plugins to suppress… made worst experiences with all of them as they are causing in many cases incompatibility with other plugins. We deactivated in our theme settings as offered for such issue… result negative. We used as best as we could css modification… negative result.

In short: Featured images drives us nuts. We believe there must be a solution to set featured images needed on homepage, but not at all as header image in posts.

Please, be so kind help us out.