Featured listings with the Directory Plugin

I'm considering Directory for a teacher listing site. We want a Featured Teacher level that would be an additional fee over the regular listing cost.

I can see that we could do this with a category and we could use the category to push listings to a header page, but I'm wondering if the Membership plugin could help us to capture users who want to add the capability and take payment for it.

Has anyone tried this or something similar with this plugin?

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi Mike,

    This is a novel idea... not one I've tried myself, and not one I'm aware of anyone having tried. (I'm sure if someone has they'll post here and set me straight! :smiley: ).

    In theory you could use Membership to take payment and then manually "upgrade" their listing to featured, but this would take extra work on your part, especially if the listing would only be featured for a specific period of time. Is that the kind of thing you had in mind?

  • Mike

    Yes, you're right.

    It wouldn't be bad to "manually" upgrade - as long we had some sort of notice someone had paid for the featured level. The term would be a year, renewable, in theory at least. I think eventually we could hook into the upgrades, but that would be down the road when we see how it catches on.

    I believe the membership plugin would allow this - I have to think about what happens to the featured listings if they don't renew. I think Membership has a way to manage this sort of look up - I just haven't thought it through.

    For me, the point is that this becomes a very flexible plugin if we can do something like this - because it allows us to use categories to manage exposed features of the listing.

  • Elliott Bristow

    Thinking about it, if you're confident setting up a php script to handle people signing up, cancelling and not renewing, Membership has the Join and Leave pings that you can use... the plugin would send a predefined message (including something like the members username and the subscription plan they purchased) to a specific php file that you can code to automatically add/remove the featured status.

    You'd have to be careful how you set up the php file, and it might involve directly editing the database to add/remove the category to the post... but in theory it is possible.

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