Features and Fixes for CoursePro Course Content Page

  1. First, the offer price needs color in the modern CSS theme. Retail and sales price color choice configuration options in plugin configuration.
  2. The CTA button should also have choices of shape and color. As well as detect font awesome.
  3. Use Tabular HTML5 formatting for course structure. Google & Bing will display tabular data in rich snippet format. You need a table header with column keys. As you can see in my screen capture, the list items are whacked in Genesis Framework. All the more reason to convert to table format. I also noticed TWO HR's Sort of redundant and eliminated when you convert to tabular format with bordering.
  4. There is no way to categorize the courses. Look at the bottom of https://www.denverprophit.us/courses/prestashop-basics-online-course/ No tags or category to this CPT.
  5. Now, try to enroll. I've selected paypal chained payments. I am not certain why regular payments is not an option? Checkout does not get past the cart page.