Features for the support/ticket plugin

I would like to have the ability to create custom statuses for tickets in this plugin. As of now, the only statuses are "new" and "closed". I would like to be able to create custom statuses and change the status to each ticked as i please. Ex: In progress, under consideration, waiting on response, shipped, completed, waiting for payment, etc etc.
The same way that you can create custom categories (same code can be used btw), you can just query status instead of category in mysql. Although i have not checked the structure of the table, so i do not know if it would be a direct replacement.

At the same time, since the support is not free and it will be per user basis, i would like to be able to have internal notes for our employs to be able to keep notes on what the internal status of the solution is. This would be best to work just like the response works, but instead of the client being able to see this, it will be only for administrators. This way, if someone else in the company has to answer questions regarding a ticket, he can go through the inside notes and check the internal progress, check any promises/offers made, and opinions the previews administrator had for this support ticket.

Also, i would like to be able to select status, and assign staff member right on the overview page, where all the tickets are displayed.

Custom fields would be great but it is not something i can not live without at the moment. But i would like to have a serial number field for each ticket. And i want to be able to search those tickets by serial, by name, phone number, or email.

All the above features would be great. If i do not get this implementation, i do not know if i can keep using this plug in. I would end up going with http://www.repairshopr.com/

I use repairshopr.com in one of my stores and it works great. Has all the above features and more. I would like this plugin to become like that. If all the above features are added, i think this could be a rival. I would use it then.

Please tell me if anyone can make those changes to this plugin.