Features List Needed to Make This Plug-In Competitive

The 'AutoBlog' plug-in needs alot of features to make this worth keeping for serious autobloggers.. here's the list:

1. must have - feed screen
show #of feeds processed
pause option

2. must have - individual feed edit screen
# articles to process (1st-x, last-x, 50%/random)
phrases - separated by comma (or "" for exact)
schedule posts (1/min, x/min, x/24hrs, date from - to)
images (convert 1st to featured) strip images, only use 1st image
keyword/phrase replacement (title)
keyword/phrase replacement (body)
improved check for duplicates (title, url, etc)

3. nice to have
limit size of post from RSS
have multiple feeds per campaign (selected randomly or in order)
feed preview feature (feed screen)
re-write posts (synonym/api phrases)
re-write titles (synonym/api phrases)

I realize this may be a bit shocking but it's the reality.. most AutoBlog s/w have these features, hope you'll ask your dev to add the "must have" from above!


  • wpmublog

    Hi Phil,

    Sorry to get down to 'brass tacks' so quickly. I'm a die hard auto-blogger and WPMU AutoBlog is a distant last when it comes to features a user like myself needs.. I could rattle off one-by-one every other autoblogging tool and they hands down offer way more (albeit buggy).

    Anyway, as there was no way to trial AutoBlog (still can't undertand this) I really need to ask when can I expect any of the 'must haves' to be added?

    Feed Screen
    -show #of feeds processed
    -pause option

    Individual Feeds (edit screen)
    -# articles to process (1st-x, last-x, 50%/random)
    -schedule posts (1/min, x/min, x/24hrs, date from - to)
    -images (convert 1st to featured) strip images, only use 1st image
    -keyword/phrase replacement (title)
    -keyword/phrase replacement (body)
    -improved check for duplicates (title, url, etc)

    If things are changing weekly and you 'blow past' the completion.. then you've got me! But if the answer is months and months to implement these changes, I'd seriously consider asking for a refund for the WPMU's AutoBlog tool.


  • Philip John

    We don't have any specific development cycle and though much of our development is based off member requests, many of the features you've asked for haven't really been requested yet so there isn't a huge demand.

    Your requests have been passed onto the developer though and they'll be considered and could well feature in the next release but we don't provide ETAs.

    We do also provide pre-sales support so we could have of course answered any questions about available features before you purchased.


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