Features request - Jobs list, Experts list, Inbox, etc

Dear WPMUDEV team,

I was glad to find wpmedev.org and started working with Jobs & Experts plugin though I'm not a developer.
After going through setting up this plugin for my local jobs and experts community, I found out that I do need more from this plugin. Below is the list of feature I think would be very beneficial to have.

1. Jobs page: It would be great to have "contact" button on each listed job so users can jump directly to contact the job owner without first go to job detail page.

2. Contact message (Inbox page): for each message, it would be helpful if "job title", "Expert profile name ", "Job owner name" are emphasize and linked to appropriate detail page.

3. My Jobs page: as the job owner, beside being able to edit a job, it would be very helpful to be able to list all contact message from experts in the a job detail page. This should not be available to user who is not the owner of the job.

4. Job detail page: a the job owner, I should not see the contact button of my own posted job.

I hope to get update on these features and many more which will make this plugin the best among other of the same purpose.

With regards,